artist statement

Everything is connected, creating rhythms.

As a printmaker I explore these rhythms in a response to feelings of connection with nature-based environments and the unseen forces that create this attraction. Shapes of water ripples, leaves, seed pods and the spaces between these objects are presented to create conscious shifts in what is seen and unseen.

My process involves leisurely walks while exploring and feeling the essence of a particular environment. I ponder on what attracts us, enlivens our senses and makes us want to feel a connection to a place and share our experience.

Upon observing the landscape and taking photos for reference, I make several stencils and printing plates, each one focusing on a different element such as shape, line or texture. I combine layers of print to build up a unique image investigating visual perception and the underlying patterns, rhythms and codes found in nature.

Recently I’ve been drawn to creating linocuts that explore imagined rhythms of the spaces in-between objects. Perhaps by altering our view of what is seen and feeling what is unseen we may start to really connect with and preserve nature.

Rachael Lee